What We Do

Whether you're giving your business an online prescence or planning to build a fully fleged E-commerce solution with customer database, product catalogs, user accounts and payment processing, Tech Alpha can help you acheive your goals.

For all manner of websites and online applications, blogs, forums, intranets, event calendars, shops, social groups, media galleries and subscription services, contact us now and we'll make your plan a (virtual) reality.

To see the basic steps involved in creating your online application and the services we offer, click through the steps below...

  How we do it

Design and planning
  • Design / collect logo images and signature color scheme
  • Design and create master template and common elements (e.g navigation)
  • Set up site map and page layouts
  • Decide on search terms and keywords for search engines
  • Find and reserve domain name(s)
  • Create / collect images, videos, dynamic feeds and all content for site
Building the website
  • Create and link databases
  • Build business logic as middle tier
  • Build Web Templates and pages
  • Set up Client Side scripts and special effects
  • Integrate site with external services (e.g. Google maps, payment gateways etc)
  • Prepare security certificates for domains and backup / restore procedures.
The big Launch
  • Deploy site to host servers
  • Submit site to search engines (google etc)
  • Setup / integrate with social media accounts (twitter, facebook etc)
Maintaing the site
  • Manage and maintain new content for site
  • Analyse site traffic and customer behaviour on site
  • Adapt and change site to maximise customer experience
  • Expand website and scale up resources to meet demand.

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